Most people, when they think about vending machines, immediately envision the different sodas, soft drinks and salty snacks that we typically see in machines like this. Whether you notice it while you are shopping at the mall, waiting for your car to get repaired or see the machines positioned in your office or place of work, many of the machines offer the same items all of the time. A number of people pass up using these machines because they find nothing healthy to eat in them. However, if you want to offer people at your facility or office a healthy option, you should know that here at Alligator Vending we offer healthy vending in Los Angeles as an option.

Better Alternatives Available

You may not even realize that there are healthy vending machine options available to you in the first place. Since most vending companies never even mention these machines as an option or simply do not have them to offer, we at Alligator Vending know the importance of having healthy options available to people in these machines. People today are turning more and more to eating fresh foods and shunning snacks and drinks that are loaded with sugars, additives, chemicals and the like. Vending machines can provide these better options and give your employees or visitors something new, different and healthy to try.

You Can Get Healthy Vending in Los Angeles

A Lot to Choose From

At Alligator Vending, we offer healthy vending options in Los Angeles. We can provide you with machines that offer fresh fruit, salads, yogurt, muffins and healthy sandwiches so that people have a variety of healthy choices. We also offer drink machine options where you can provide water or iced tea options instead of sodas. You can also find machines that provide gluten-free options so that you can offer items more people are looking for today. We can provide these machines to you in any one of our programs, and we will take care of the supplies, stocking, and maintenance of the machines for you.

A New World of Vending

If you would like to see more of the options available to you in vending in Los Angeles, take the time to contact us at Alligator Vending at 866-517-2129. You can also visit our website at to look at some options and send us a message so that you can receive a quote or more information about one of the programs you can use at your facility.