Book dispensing vending machines offer convenience for those on the go. Remember the last time you visited your local library? We now live in a society where being on the go is quickly becoming the norm, making it necessary for those who are constantly on the move to make choices about how and where they spend their time. The majority of people are busy due to work commitments, which often leaves them with no time for leisurely activities. Your local library falls under leisurely activities, and most admit that they just don’t get the foot traffic they used to.

book vending machine

So… instead of trying to figure out how to get the people to come to them, libraries are now focusing on how they can bring their services to the people. Cool!

Businesses today are recognizing that they need to take a different approach in order to connect with those who live super busy lives, and they’re using outside resources to make this happen. One of the newer approaches some libraries are taking include using vending machines. Instead of offering prepackaged food choices or ice cold drinks, these specialty vending machines offers users the ability to check out local library books.

And that’s not all. Library card holders can also check out movies and music when out and about, all with a simple swipe of their library card. Imagine you’re going about your busy day and you see a vending machine that allows you to check out a book with a simple swipe of your local library card. Would you use it? Statistics say yes if you’re a current library card holder.

These book dispensing vending machines don’t come cheap, and it’s necessary to connect them to a library’s internal operating system in order to approve a library card holder. The first library to bring library services to the public via a vending machine is Worthington Libraries, Ohio. How much did these groundbreaking vending machine cost? A mere $31,000. But they figure it’s well worth the price because it’s bringing in more people to their physical location, as the books need to be physically returned. Smart move Worthington.

A few other library district’s are also beginning to show a lot of interest in book dispensing vending machines, and for various reasons. For example, some cities have no library at all, which means residents have to drive to a neighboring city in order to visit a library. Vending machines in these city’s include a return area. Others recognize that by using vending machines that dispense library books, they may not have to hire as many employees, which could save them a good deal of money in the long run. And in today’s tough economic times, it’s necessary for every business to understand what their best choices are when it comes to their bottom line.

Libraries are not only recognizing the need for more automated services, they’re taking action by accommodating those who are simply too busy to go to their local library. The fact that we’re such a busy society, and there’s definitely no signs of our slowing down any time soon, the trend for automated services continues to rise. Times are changing, requiring people to change with them.

Bruce Bittman
Alligator Vending Inc.