Anyone who’s made a purchase from a vending machine knows that the food options offered tend to be fairly limited. Although, this is completely understandable as there are only so many snacks or drinks that a vending machine can hold at any given time, right? And considering that these snacks and/or drinks may be not be sold for weeks or even months, the majority of vending machine food options must consist of food items that will keep for at least a year or two.

So what does this mean? It means that for many years vending machine users could only purchase food items that had long and faraway expiration dates. This included snacks like cookies, potato chips, crackers, candy… you get the picture.

healthy vending snacks

While most people are more than happy to buy these types of snacks from a vending machine when hungry and on the go, the bottom line is these types of vending machine snacks really don’t contain any nutritional value. So although buyers may get a short burst of energy to get them by, they’ll most likely be hungry again very soon.

Fortunately, that’s all changing due to the current trend on eating healthy

picture of how eating healthy food is trending over time

picture of how eating healthy food is trending over time


Healthy Food Trend

The fact that our society is one that always tends to be on the go means that most people are looking for foods that are convenient to access. That’s why one of the more popular reasons people don’t eat healthy food is because it’s much more convenient for them to stop at a fast food restaurant when on their lunch or are on their way home for work.

Fortunately, the healthy food trend that started not too many years ago is now making its way into vending machines. And because food based reports are telling us that eating healthy is essential to our feeling good each and every day so we can function properly, more and more people are looking into their healthy food options.

Healthy Food Vending Options

In order to encourage healthier eating habits for city employees, New Orleans has created a few guidelines for what can or can’t be put in their already in place vending machines. Examples of these guidelines include things like ‘no more than 10% of calories can come from saturated fats’ and ‘no more than 35% of calories can come from sugars’.

The city was responding to a recent evaluation performed in the city’s buildings, which showed that their vending machines only offered the typical, and unhealthy, snack food choices. In order to help their employees make better eating choices, they figured they would make it easier for them by making healthier food choices more readily available.

This brings up the question – just how important is the role of an employer? Apparently very important. More employers are looking closely into their vending machine options these days, with the main reason being that they want healthy employees working for them.

And it’s not only employers who are jumping on the healthy food vending machine trend. A number of schools are also looking into their healthy food options for vending machines. Nice!

Top Healthy Food Vending Machine Choices

So what are some of these healthy food choices that are now available for purchase from vending machines? So far, nuts, granola bars, popcorn, fig newtons, pretzels, and sunflower seeds.