meat vending machineWhat is this steak vending meat machine you may ask. Ever stop by your local butcher shop only to see that it’s closed? A closed butcher shop can be quite frustrating if you’re planning a meat-based dinner. People who work can’t always make it when the shops are open, and that’s why two butcher shop owners in Paris decided to address this ongoing issue. Although needing meat for a meal may not seem to be an emergency for most, it is for some.

According to National Geographic, meat consumption has almost doubled in the last 50 years.

Although many people tend to think of a butcher shop as being old school, they’re a staple in Paris. Currently, there are more than 20 butcher’s shops set up in this particular area of Paris, so there’s definitely no shortage of people wanting to buy meat. But Florence and Michel Pouzol, owners of “L’ami Txulette,” still wanted to take some action in order to address the common issue of not always being open for their customers (they’re also closed on Sundays and Mondays).

So… they thought it would be a good idea to focus on the up and coming younger crowd,  and were thus open to ideas that would make them appear more modern. So what did they decide to do for people who needed to buy fresh steak, sausages, chicken and more but couldn’t make it in to the shop during regular business hours? They decided to make their butcher shop offerings available 24/7! How? By selling vacuum-packed meat from a refrigerated vending machine. Pretty cool, right?

It all started in France, way back in 2011

when a local baker decided to install a bread dispensing vending machine. Flash forward to today and you’re able to buy bread from one of hundreds bread baking vending machines that’ll give you a fresh baked loaf of bread for just a few bucks.

As the meat inside the vending machine is frozen, users don’t expect to get a fresh piece of meat that’s ready to throw on the grill. And that’s okay. The meat dispensing vending machines are set up in busier locations. Places where all the people are hanging out, like major shopping stores, restaurants and bars.

You may pay a little more for the convenience, but surely it’s worth the price in order to satisfy a steak craving. So who’s mostly using this new meat dispensing vending machine? 1. Youngsters who are enjoying the night life, 2. People who don’t get off work until very late, 3. Older residents who find it easy to use the vending machine when running errands.

Would you buy your meat from a vending machine? How much more would you pay for vending machine convenience?

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