Where was the last place you bought beer? Your local grocery store? The pub down the street? At the last sports event you attended? Because drinking beer requires one to be of a certain age we tend to associate the buying of beer with only a few different settings, and with certain restrictions. But now that’s all beginning to change, much to the delight of all of you beer lovers out there. What exactly is changing? Now you can buy a beer from a vending machine.

 beer vending machine

No, these beer dispensing vending machines can’t be found on every corner. But they can be found at sports venues, which makes a lot of sense. Remember the last time you and your friends went to the stadium to cheer on your favorite sports team? Although you probably had a lot of fun, you also probably remember how long it took you to stand in line to buy a cup of beer. The entire time you stood in line you were probably thinking about how you were missing the game, wishing the line would move faster. You probably also thought ‘there has to be a better way to buy a beer!’.

And now there is. A variety of sports venues are installing beer vending machines.

By simply adding a few vending machines built specifically to dispense an ice cold draft to legally aged customers right there on the spot, sports lovers no longer have to worry about missing the game. Instead of standing in that never ending beer line, beer lovers can now walk up to a beer dispensing vending machines, insert a card, and get their beer. And all in a matter of minutes.

In order to buy an official beer card (with preset amounts already on it), customers must first show their identification to the person in charge to make sure they’re of legal age. Once purchased, it can then be inserted into the beer vending machine whenever they’re ready to buy a beer. As a measure of precaution, beer card holders are only allowed to buy a certain amount of beer in a certain amount of time, with the average amount being about 48 ounces every 15 minutes.

Although the main reason for inserting beer vending machines is so that sports loving fans don’t have to stand in a long line, another benefit includes the fact that users get to have more control over their beer drinking choices. So far, beer lovers can choose from 4 different beer choices, which is more than offered at the official beer stand. They also get to choose how much beer they want. For example, if someone wants only half a cup of beer, then that’s exactly what they’ll get. No need to pay for a whole beer and then not finish it. Nice!

Not all beer dispensing vending machines are used for convenience.

In 2013, Farmhan Ale & Lager launched a brand new beer brewing company. Their intent? To make beer available to everyone (of legal age) in order to bring about more awareness about their beer. The company set up a test using a beer vending machine to see which of their bitter beers were more popular, which was determined by the loudness of a scream. The louder the user screamed, the more bitter the beer they received.

Although a very unusual way to get the attention of those interested in getting a free beer from their brewing company, it worked beautifully. All one had to do was walk up to their beer dispensing machine, place their face into the small cut out, take a deep breath, and scream. The loudness of their scream established which of the two beer options the screamer received, which gave the brewing company the information they needed to better market to their demographic.

It seems a beer dispensing vending machine that dispenses a single cup of beer just isn’t enough.

A small city near Belgium figured it would be a good idea to offer beer lovers the opportunity to buy a six pack, or a case of beer, from their beer dispensing vending machine located in an outside parking lot. For those under the legal drinking age who may be tempted to access a beer dispensing vending machine, staff is watching. If they’re not onsite, then they’re watching via cameras.