When you think about vending machines and your facility, you likely think of the basic soda and snack machines that you may see in nearly every office or facility today. The problem is that many people have moved beyond the basic vending machines and want something more when they are looking for a beverage or snack. The standard machines have become boring and outdated, and it may be time for you to think about switching to something new and modern. Where do you find machines like this in the Los Angeles area? You can find the best machines and service when you come to us at Alligator Vending.

More Choices in Vending

When you come to us for your vending needs, you will see that we have many more choices in machines than what you may find with other companies. We offer a wide range of items in our machines that will appeal to nearly anyone looking for a snack, meal or beverage. Our snack machines can certainly carry the basics for you, but the people in your office may be even happier if they see machines offering fresh fruit, soups, sandwiches, salads and the like. We have machines that can be stocked with sugar-free and gluten-free items as well to cater to those that may have special diets to worry about.

The Best Machines Come from Alligator Vending

The Service for Vending You Want

Besides offering a great choice of vending machines, here at Alligator Vending, we provide you with the best service possible as well. When you sign on for one of our free vending programs, we can come to your facility and install the machines for you when you want them. We will then take care of all the stocking and refilling of the machines, and work to maintain and service the machines regularly to make sure they are working at their best all the time.

The Vending That Makes a Difference

At Alligator Vending, we understand that the little things in life like great vending machines can have a big impact on those at your office and facility. To find out more about the programs and services we offer, and to learn how you can get our great machines installed at your location, please give us a call at 855-517-2129 to speak with a member of our team. We will be happy to help get you started working with us so you can have the great vending available at your location.