Who knew when vending machines were first created they would evolve into a mechanism that would sell food? Especially something so delicate as fresh seafood? Well, now you can buy live crab, caviar (and even escargot) from what are quickly becoming known as high end vending machines. Business owners are always looking for new ways to promote their services and/or wares to upcoming generations, and many of them are finding out that using dispensing machines is a great way for them to do this.

Love crabs? A quick trip to Nanjing China and you’ll find a vending machine that dispenses live crabs. Yes, that’s right, the crabs are still alive. These tasty ocean creature come in an edible to go container, along with some crab vinegar and ginger tea, of course. The machine keeps the crabs very cool, kind of like a refrigerator, keeping them in a necessary hibernated state. In the off chance you buy a crab that comes out lifeless, simply contact the owner and they’ll compensate you by giving you credit for three new ones. Now that’s service!

The cost for a live crab is about $3.00, reasonable for a tasty treat that provides some nutritional qualities, unlike most hsnacks bought from vending macines these days. The crab dispensing vending machines owners are happy that their idea is being welcomed, as they’re currently selling more than 200 crabs every single day. Crab season is limited though, as it only lasts from August through October.

Love caviar? No need to travel so far as caviar dispensing vending machines can be found right here in the US, specifically in Los Angeles. Caviar sellers are doing their best to expose caviar to younger audiences, and where else but your local LA mall? You know, a place where most people go for fresh seafood. The plan behind the plan is to make caviar easily accessible to those living in affluent neighborhoods around the malls.

Not sure what kind of caviar you like? That’s okay. You can choose from more than 20 different varieties. Prices range from $30.00 an ounce for this sea based delicacy to $500 an ounce, which is quite the price span. A bonus for all the everyday people, aka people on a budget, who can now have access to something they may have never tried (could afford) before.

All of the fresh seafood vending machines contain touch screens for easy use, are cold based to keep the seafood fresh (and alive), and are connected to the internet.

Would you buy fresh seafood from a vending machine?