We hear a great deal today about the problems with childhood obesity and the food choices many kids have or make throughout the day. One of the biggest issues lies in the access to vending machines in their schools and the typical junk food that surrounds them, inviting them to eat salty snacks and foods loaded with sugars, fat, and empty calories. If you are a decision maker in your school district, there are steps you can take to help make the atmosphere better for our children. Choosing to use healthy vending machines in Los Angeles for your school can help to have a positive impact on the lives of the children that go there.

Presenting Better Options

Turning to vending machines that offer healthier alternatives can make a significant difference. If you remove the vending machines that have poorer selections, such as machines filled with sodas, junk food, and candy, and replace them with machines that offer healthy alternatives like fresh fruit, salad, water, soups, yogurt and more, you will offer children much better options. These healthier snacks and meals can provide them with greater levels of nutrition so that they have the energy they need to get through the day without all of the excess sugar and fat seen in typical vending machine snacks.

Choosing Healthy Vending Machines in Los Angeles for Your School

Alternatives for Machines

There are several program options available when you want healthy vending machines in Los Angeles from us at Alligator Vending. We are happy to supply the machines to you, free of charge, and take care of all of the stocking and maintenance of the machines for you to keep them in the best running order. We also offer commission-based vending options where you can earn money each month that can be used towards school events or functions.

Get the Healthy Machines

Choosing healthy vending machines in Los Angeles can make a big difference to the health of the children in your school. If you would like to learn more about our vending programs, the machines available, and the services we can provide for you take the time to visit us at Alligator Vending at www.alligatorvending.com. You can also give us a call at 866-517-2129 to speak with a representative so you can discuss your vending machines needs and find out about the healthy alternatives that we can provide for your schools.