Taylor Rosenthal is carving his own niche in the world and he’s only 14 years old. So how is this youngster staking his place In the business world? It all started when one of his classes required students to come up with a new business idea. During his personal brain storming session, he remembered that every time he went to a baseball game in his home state of Alabama it seemed that someone would get hurt, ultimately needing a band aid. He watched as parents searched for a band aid, often coming up with nothing.

So he figured… why not figure out a way to make band aids easily accessible so parents don’t have to worry about always having a band aid or two on hand at all times? Good idea. And so simple, too. He won the school project, which connected him with the Young Entrepreneurs Academy

With their help, Taylor then went on to create RecMed, a vending machine that dispenses first aid items, like band-aids. Yet instead of just selling band aids in vending machines, he decided it would be a good idea to create a package of first aid items, too. This way when someone needed some first aid treatment and weren’t at home, they could get what they needed to treat a new injury. His goal is to spread the word so people will associate first aid kits with vending machines. So far, so good!

first aid band aid vending machine

this isn’t a picture of Taylor’s vending machine but a different band aid vending machine made in Germany

Included in the first aid kits are band-aids, of course, as well as protective gloves, gauze, alcohol wipes, and a few more helpful items for someone who needs some immediate first aid assistance. You can also buy individual first aid items vs. the whole prepackaged kit.


The first, first aid kit dispensing vending machines are planned to be put in place in the fall of 2016. Where will they go? Well, every baseball stadium in Alabama to start. Taylor also sees his new band aid dispensing vending service being placed in a variety of amusement parks, as well as beaches.


Because Taylor is just a mere 14 years old, he still has a few years a school ahead of him. His days are full though, as he spends every spare moment working on his vending company. His plans for the future? He wants to go to college so he can have a future in business.


Oh, and it’s apparent that money isn’t an issue for Taylor. He was offered $30 million dollars for his company idea, and he refused it. Would you?