At first glance, free vending in Los Angeles sounds impossible, like some kind of pipe dream. It seems like a company is just handing out free snacks, beverages and more to people from a vending machine, without getting any money back whatsoever. However, that’s not how it works. In fact, our free vending actually enables your company to make more money, as it can make your employees more productive. That’s just one of the many benefits it offers your company.

Benefits of Free Vending in Los Angeles

Every employee looks forward to their lunch break. It’s something to break up work in the middle of the shift. Many employees leave the worksite to go pick something up to eat, or they get it and bring it back to the break room or somewhere similar. Of course, this is Southern California: the traffic is challenging at all times of the day or night. So, when your employees leave to get something to eat, you can end up losing their valuable time on the job as they’re stuck in traffic. Fortunately, our free vending in Los Angeles service offers a better way.

free vending in Los Angeles

Why Vending Machine Companies in Los Angeles

With our free vending in Los Angeles, your employees are much, much more liable to hang around the office and eat from the vending machines. Instead of getting stuck in traffic, or long lines, or waiting on food, they’ll be able to pick it up and quickly return to their work area. It’s hard to get stuck in traffic if you never get into a car. As they never have to step foot off of your worksite, they’ll be more likely to get back to work faster.

Vending Machine Service Los Angeles Benefits: Choice

What makes this free vending a good deal for your employees is the selection. Old vending machines only offered a few stale chips and pretzels. Our vending machines offer pretty much anything a hungry employee could want: healthy dishes, frozen foods, all manner of beverages, and yes, plenty of snacks, too. This is a great deal for the employer as well, as we handle all of the maintenance, upkeep, service and re-stocking of the vending machines. We can focus on the vending while you focus on your ob.

Alligator Vending

There are many reasons that our free vending in Los Angeles service is our most common. It’s one of the simplest, most direct ways to boost your employees’ productivity while helping them out, too. Find out more by calling us at (866)517-2129 or going to our site.