When most people hear the words ‘vending machine‘, they tend to envision a large rectangle shaped gadget that allows them to insert coins in exchange for a fairly wide selection of prepackaged foods and drinks. That’s because most people have previously used a vending machine to buy foods and/or drinks, with most purchases bought by those who are on the go and thus looking for a quick snack to hold them over until their next meal.

The most popular items purchased from a vending machine?

Bottled water wins by far, with soda pop and energy drinks coming in at a close second.

Food options offered in food based vending machines tend to include a large variety of snack based foods, which gives consumers a pretty good all around choice when it comes to choosing what they want to eat when on the go. But now there’s a hot food option that will soon be added to the current food based vending machine options – french fries. And yes, they are indeed served hot!

French Fries

A group of people at Wageningen University (the Netherlands) designed and created a prototype vending machine that cooks french fries right there while you wait, which only takes about 2 minutes total. The potatoes are kept frozen until an order is placed, then the magic happens. The frozen fries our gently lowered into a basket of oil until they’re cooked to a nice shade of golden brown. Then they’re transferred to a wide mouthed to go cup for your eating on the go convenience.

Of course you get your choice of condiments, which includes mayonnaise, ketchup, or curry. Forks are available for those who don’t want greasy fingers, and because salt is a given it’s also available.

The creators of this hot food vending machine tells us that you won’t hear any sounds coming from the machine while it’s making your fries, which is pretty impressive. They also claim that the process is odorless, which we assume they’re talking about the inside of the vending machine. Surely you’re able to smell the french fries as their cooking? We’ll know soon enough.

The smell of french fries cooking is surely going to draw the attention of passerby’s, which if you think about it is a great marketing tactic. In fact, a few major restaurants and bar owners are showing an interest in this automatic french fry dispenser.

And the large color touch screen on the front of this french fry vending machine has been made to be very user friendly, making it easy for anyone to place their hot french fry order.

Oh, even though this french fry vending machine hasn’t been made available yet to the public, another vending machine that dispenses french fries is now in the works that doesn’t use oil at all. Instead they’re trying to put a healthier spin on french fry consumption by using hot air. So it looks like you’re not only going to be able to buy a yummy cup of hot french fries from a vending machine when on the go soon, you’ll also have a choice on how they’re cooked – oil or air?