When you run a busy office in Los Angeles, you are likely to know many members of staff who are trying to watch their weight, or improve their physical fitness. At the same time, they are working all hours of the day or night to get projects finished, and just don’t have the time to eat well. You may even have received comments about being unable to find the food that they want, and heard demands for healthy vending machine service in Los Angeles offices.healthy vending machine service in Los Angeles 

Keep Your Team Healthy With Vending Options

If you are still running a traditional vending machine service in Los Angeles, then your team will be obliged to buy lots of unhealthy products, including sugary sodas, fatty chocolate and crisps, and other food items that won’t help them to keep well. These traditional vending machines may even cause higher rates of sick days, and may certainly affect the atmosphere inside the office, as staff members full of sugar can quickly lose their temper during work hours. Instead, we recommend that you make use of our range of healthy eating vending services to provide your members of staff with better eating options.


Improve Morale With Healthy Eating Choices

When you make use of our services, your teams will know that you are listening to their requirements. In LA, when many of them are trying to look as good as possible, providing them with good vending options such as bottled water, fruit and sandwiches or healthy snacks can mean that they feel happier in their workplace. It is not simply a place to come, work too hard and not eat well. When your staff are eating better and are feeling happier about their diet, they are more likely to become productive members of your team.

Make The Change You Want Today

Business owners and managers can start to make changes to their vending options by talking to us today about our range of Healthy vending machine service in Los Angeles offices. Alligator vending has a choice of different healthy eating snacks and foods that we can supply to your team, and we don’t charge rent on our machines. To start working today with Alligator vending, just call us now on 866-517-2129, or send us an email to bbitman@alligatorvending.com with any questions that you have about our healthy eating services and how we can help you improve staff morale today.