Company owners and managers know that keeping up the morale of staff is essential to the productivity and customer satisfaction of the business. There are many ways that you can do this, from hosting days out and practicing reward systems to providing good vending services throughout your business. If you have been considering investing in vending machines for your staff, then you might want to consider more modern alternatives to standard vending machines. When you use Alligator vending you get a host of different options that can make your employees happier and will boost the morale of your teams.

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Moving Away From Sugary Snacks

The modern world is moving away from the traditional foods available in vending machines. This means that when you have old-fashioned machines that simply offer bottles of soda and crisps or chocolate, you are not keeping up with the dietary requirements of your employees. Instead, choosing options for healthy snacks, including fruit and sandwiches, can give your team more choice about what they eat, and may also reduce stress and bad feeling within the office. Keeping up with this trend can help you to make your office a happier place to be.

Choosing More Affordable Options

Another advantage to choosing our vending machines is that you don’t have to pay rental on our appliances. Unlike big-name brands which demand that you pay for the privilege of having members of staff restock the machines, we take care of all of the refilling and maintenance required. Rather than demanding that you pay for the services, we simply take the money put into the machine, making the whole deal much fairer for everyone. Understanding what products are being used means that we can cater our services to your staff requirements, so that they have a choice which is much more in line with what they want to eat.

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If you are ready to update your existing machines for appliances with modern products and better choices, contact Alligator vending today. We can provide you with a host of different machine models that will meet the demands of your staff. Talk to our team today through email by contacting us at, or you can also call us on 866-517-2129 now to ask us any vending questions that you may have, or to start using our services today.