If you own, operate, or manage a large facility that has vending machines, you may have noticed a change in the patterns regarding the usage of the machines lately. Perhaps the current machines you offer that provide the typical candy bars, salty snacks and sodas do not seem to get the attention and business that they have in the past. People seem to pass them buy more often or look at the machines and do not see anything they are interested in purchasing. There may be reasons for this, and you may want to consider making some changes to your site. More people today are looking for and using healthy vending machines in Los Angeles, and it may be time for you to explore this option for your facility.

Looking for Healthier Options

More and more people today are concerned not just about their overall health and appearance but about what they are putting into their bodies each day. People take a closer look at their snack and meal options and want items that provide healthier and more nutritious options. Most standard vending machines you see in places like malls, large company break rooms or warehouses are stocked with items that are high in fats, sugars, chemicals and empty calories. People today are trying to move away from these snacks and want options that are more natural and better for them to eat.

The Best Machines Come from Alligator Vending


Healthy Vending Machines

Here at Alligator Vending, we have just the answer to this problem for you. We offer several healthy vending machines in Los Angeles that can fill the need you have at your location. We offer machines that offer fresh foods like fresh fruit, salads, sandwiches and soups. You can also get machines that offer things like yogurt, cereals or healthy snack bars. We can also supply you with items that are gluten-free, sugar-free, high in fiber and many other healthy options. You can have the ideal machines that people want more today so that they know they can count on what you have available for a healthier alternative.

Talk to Us about Our Machines

To get more information about healthy vending machines in Los Angeles and the vending programs and options we have available, contact us at Alligator Vending by calling us at 866-517-2129. You can speak with our office, and we can go over the machines we can supply for you so that you can please your employees and the public with better and healthier options.