Wondering what vending machines are the most profitable in 2016? The latest BevMax models by Crane are some of the best pieces of equipment out there. The BevMax series combines the best of both worlds, an appealing design for the end user and a reliable as well as profitable machine for the vending company.   Naturally a location must have enough demand to warrant an investment of this kind, totaling around $6500.00 out the door, but well worth it in the right place.


The Latest Models Feature a Variety of Updated Features

such as faster delivery speed, a shim less(?) vend mechanism, reliability, low profile modular refrigeration platform etc.   However,  the most attractive feature to both customers and operators is the efficiency factor.  Everyone is concerned with saving energy in their facilities.  Whether you receive a commission as the customer from the vending company or not efficiency will play a role.  When you, as the operator, can save up to 50% in costs to your customer that will make your service very appealing over the competition.

Bevmax Vending machine

The BevMax Media Model Takes Vending to Another Level

Featuring appealing color displays, Cashless Options, Nutritional information, interactive promotions and even a shopping cart option.   The BevMax Media conveniently already has a cashless option built in without the need to add on additional parts.  The shopping cart option works similar to your purchase on Amazon, where you fill up a cart with several items and then pay with one transaction.  For those that are more health conscious you can read about the product you’re purchasing before making the actual purchase on the display screen.  Finally, this machine has the ability to offer promotions to the consumer.  For example, buy any two items and get 10% off.

In Essence Their Vending Machines Are Reliable, Attractive, Energy Efficient and Convenient.

Customers like the BevMax a lot more than the old school soda machines, because sales usually increase anywhere from 10-25%.  This is one of those times where it’s truly a win-win for both the customer and the vending operator.  The investment is worth it because sales go up and everybody is happy.  There may be novelty machines out there that pop up every year, but none of them can compete in the real world with the BevMax at this point in time.

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