Android Pay will now be available anywhere Apple Pay is already accepted. This marks another step forward in a truly cashless vending user experience. All updated credit card readers with a Tap and Pay NFC system now have the ability to accept Android Pay. To use, you have to download the Android Pay app and you’re good to go. Once you have it on your phone just tap the phone against the pay terminal to complete the transaction.
android pay vending
USA Tech has already enabled 300,000 locations throughout the USA to accept apple and android pay. In general cashless vending is a growing trend that is picking up more and more steam with each year. A few years ago the amount of customers using cashless payment methods was around 10-15% and now it is getting closer to a 25% average. As technology continues to inevitably move forward the consumer experience will become more and more seamless in every day transactions including buying a snack or drink from the vending machine in your break room.